Timber Framed
Garden Buildings

If you have an outdoor space crying out for a sheltered, built to last, timber frame building, we will provide you with a bespoke solution, from design to installation.

We’ll design and construct the SHED you’ve always dreamed of, a fantasy HUT or that love SHACK you’ve always fancied.

Whatever you want to call it and however you are going to use it, either for working from home, as a studio, a workshop, hideaway, den or summerhouse in the garden, it will bring to you the pleasures of the outdoors and expand your living space.

If you can’t find what you want ‘off the shelf’, or are keen on a certain style or materials we are happy to hear from you.

Beautiful, durable, sustainable & adaptable garden buildings.


The building’s we make

Perhaps one of them is close to what you require? or alternatively use them as a starter template – dimensions, features and materials can be changed and altered to suit.

We are also happy to start from scratch with you and create something bespoke.