Generally referred to as a Yurt, this is the heavier Traditional Mongolian Ger, pitched on a purpose-built raised platform with insulated floor.

The frame consists of four essential parts:

  • Four collapsible trellis Ash walls, tied end to end to form a circle, terminating at the Ash door frame
  • 60 x Ash Roof poles
  • Central Oak Crown, working as a hub to receive the tenons of the poles
  • Door and frame ( Door made from Pine )


  • Knotted nylon cord holding the trellis walls together and looping the outer pole ends to the wall.
  • Tailor made cover manufactured from high grade cotton/polyester blend canvas, comprising of: walls, tension band, roof and star cover with a clear plastic central domed roof window.
  • Visible inside frame decorated with pokerwork.
  • Two extra supporting ‘bagana’ sections – essential for holding up the crown when erecting, usually removed when pitched.

The interior remains bone dry due to the secondary insulated floor with joists and tongued and grooved floorboards permanently attached to the platform.

Vintage wood burning stove with aluminium & silicone chimney flashing, allowing the stove pipe to fit through the canvas.

The raised platform is mounted on split Australian Jarrah railway sleepers, reclaimed from 60 years supporting rails on the London underground and staked directly into the ground. Jarrah is type of Eucalyptus, which seems to resist all boring insects and rot. It is entirely untreated and has successfully withstood the damp London tube all these years! The remaining frame and level platform is constructed from tanalised pine.


  • Platform: W 5.79m  x L 7.46m  (19’ x 24’6”)


  • Floor;  5.48m diameter  (18’)
  • Wall Height;  1.60m  (5’ 3”)
  • Crown Height;  2.74m  (9’)’


  • Cotton/polyester blend canvas
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Nylon cord
  • PSE Flooring joists, Kingspan, floorboards
  • Tanalised Spruce
  • Jarrah sleepers